I developed a love for vintage when I was a little girl rummaging through my Grandma’s things. Every pair of curtains, every handkerchief, every old dish………. they all had a story. Grandma kept me mesmerized with her story of when she was growing up, helping out in her parents restaurant, peeling potatoes.

Children back then didn’t have high tech gadgets. They lived simple lives, helping their families, learning useful skills like woodworking and needlework and cooking, to name a few. And could my Grandma cook!

But I digress. Throughout the years my love of vintage has continued, and I could never resist wandering through antique shops in my home area of Northern New Jersey and New York’s Hudson Valley. Old paper, old glass, old magazines. Love the smell, love the feel. Love the stories that would be told if they could!

I hope you enjoy our collection of vintage postcards, needlework pattern books, counted cross stitch patterns, vintage postcards made into greeting cards that double as wall art.

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